Sunday, January 28, 2007

The End Is The Begining Of The End...

A new year... with new resolutions and a new blog...
While I shall preserve my rambled thoughts here, I shall be posting further at
The Black Book

This blog has seen a lot of ups and downs in my life. Friendships found and lost... people who walked in my life and left an impression on me. Whether that impression was a good one or something that left a bad taste in the mouth, it was always an experience... as life is always. It is time to move on... to new frontiers... new thoughts and philosophies... and new experiences. I hope some of you who have been with me all along on this blog would feel free to come over to the new blog as well from time to time.

Good bye blogger and hope to see you all at the new joint.

This is Fauzan Sohail, signing off.


Monday, November 27, 2006

A night out laughing!

Sanna came back! Woohoo! Joy to the world of mine that is complete yet again! :D

As a 'welcome home' celebration, we decided to hit Planet X for a night of laughs and wits with Sami Shah, Saad, and Danish. The stand up comedy show titled '3-4-5 :: 3 comedians, 4 nights, 5 shows' was amazing. Had a great time there! Read my review of the show here
Went to the (finally opened) Gun Smoke Takery to sink our teeth into the juicy and sizzling burgers! Yum Yum. There has to be some mystic pleasure in having a hot burger in a cold night! Ah the satisfaction! *burp*

Back to work again although the routine is not so hectic now days. Things have finally decided to come down to a sane pace with the project! *phew*

Cest la vie!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Rigor Mortis

Yes. That is what happens to me when I play a cricket match after 6-7 months!
I have told the good old folks are NCR time and again that we need to practice regularly. You can't just get out of bed one fine day and expect to do 100 percent all the time! Especially when you are the wicket keeper! All the sitting and getting up and crouching makes my legs feel like logs. Oh and let's not forget the bruises on the hands and the palms after that hard ball thuds in to the gloves countless times!
In case you think I am over exaggerating, think again. It is not as simple as it seems people!

I miss Sanna. She's coming back tomorrow, thank God for that. It's seems so quiet without her around in the house. It's funny... I sometimes feel amused at myself for how 'dependant' I am on her. She makes me complete is just not enough. She makes me whole... she makes me feel alive. She is the reason I wake up every morning and thank God for waking up next to her!

I miss you baby!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Fuzz and The Meow

I woke up in the middle of the night to a strange voice. It took me a few seconds to register where I was and what the time was...

In my bed... 3 am!

It was dark and it was completely quiet. I held my breath and listened hard for that noise again. I didnt have to wait too long...


Oh... the cat! aka Sugar!

Sugar was sitting on the bed.... looking at me... meowing! I sat up. For about a minute, we just sat there, looking at each other without making a move or any sound. Then instinctively, I said out, "What?"
Ok, I know cats (or kittens for that matter) can not comprehend english but this kitten seems to know what it wants. It got off the bed and went straight for the bedroom door. Sat next to it... stared at it for a while and then looked back it me : "Open the door!" is what it seemed to say!

I sighed... got out of my cozy bed and opened the door. Suger hops out... shoots straight towards its bowl... munches on some food, drinks some water... then hops in to its sand box for a bit of relief and then struts back to the bedroom... slumps on his rug and stretches... looks at me for a while and then.... zzzz .... its asleep! All in barely 5 minutes!

I'm standing there... at 3 in the morning... in my shorts...half asleep and wondering how much is my life going to change in the coming days... weeks... months... etc etc!

Monday, November 20, 2006


Highlight of the Day! I'm getting this Persian Kitten for Sanna. Ssshhhh... it is a surprise and I bet she is gonna go CRRRRAAAZZZZZY about it ;)
This is what it looks like:

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Random Perspectives

Something tells me that it is going to be a long day at work today. I have lots of work on my platter to occupy me till probably 6-7 pm tonight. All of us are looking forward to the days when the work load would ease up considerably since we have been putting in weekends for the past two months or so to keep up with the ever increasing and stupendous work load that is being sent forth from the on-shore team to us. And although it has begun to irritate us all a bit, it's the demand of the day and we can either sink or swim. We make a choice every day to not let this get the best of us. Today is just another one of those 'ordinary days'.

I need to go to PIMS Hospital to collect Sanna's forms as well sometime today. Don't know when but that's a top priority task as well. The deadlines for submission are Nov 10 so we need to process her job application as quickly as possible.

I have finally uploaded all the scanned photos from our wedding on flickr! *phew*. They can be viewed in my Flickr Album now.

Ah and I am now a proud owner of a Slim Line Play Station 2! *throws confetti in the air* I recently finished the Konquest Mode for the much acclaimed Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. The latest in the Splinter Cell saga called Double Agent is out. I should be getting it over the weekend too. Sanna insists we should have something like Need For Speed so I got NFS: Most Wanted from a buddy at work. We shall be burning rubber soon (ahem... nothing corny intended!)!

Ciao for now then.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Anniversary Mr. Blog!!

This month marks the first anniversary of my blog. I started writing in Oct 2005 and it amazes me how I have managed to keep so consistent at it! Hats off to you Fauzan Sohail.

This blog has seen a fair deal of happiness and pain... if you read between the lines, you can see the joy, the betrayels, the agony, and the victories that I have experienced. I may not have been completely direct about them but it's all in here... my life.

Happy Anniversary!